The Northwest Arkansas Arts Foundation, founded in November of 2011, has a mission to enhance lives through performing arts.

The NWA Arts Foundation (NWAAF) is a newly formed non-profit (501c3 pending at time of this publication) whose mission is to enhance lives through performing arts.  We aren’t limited to just your “everyday” set of arts!  Our mission focuses on several main areas:

  • Movement (dance, yoga, pilates, martial arts, etc)
  • Music (instrumental and vocal)
  • Film & Theater (recorded and live)
  • Fashion & Technical (costuming, lighting, sound, stage craft, prop creation, management, etc)
  • Culinary (food, drink, and the skills behind edible creations)

Our current goals including offering master classes and open classes, scholarships and sponsorships for the performing arts, as well as proper facilities for performing arts education (think rent-by-the-hour studio space that’s open to all—essentially a performing arts convention center).  We aren’t a studio (nor do we want to be)—our main goal is to provide additional opportunities and appropriate space for artists, students, and really anyone interested in trying something new!  Long story short—we want to promote the practice side of performing arts rather than the performance side (particularly since we already have fabulous facilities and organizations in our area already covering the performance side in spades as well as a good chunk of the practice side too!).

Take a look around–I think you’ll find that we’re doing new and exciting things every day!


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